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Club Championships 2016

All members who were financial Members as of the 1st September 2016 are eligible for this years Championships. Events include: Ladies Singles Men’s Singles Men’s Doubles Ladies Doubles Mixed Doubles and new to our Championships – Table Tennis! Click here to download an entry form, or pick up one from the Club reception.

How To Cope With Cramp

Cramping is a problem in most sports and it is no difference in Tennis at whatever level you play the game at. Find out all about what causes it, and what you can do to treat and prevent it. Cramping normally occurs in the legs although in tennis it can affect the arms as well. […]

How To Improve Your Game

Everybody looks to improve their game as they strive to become a better player. Even the most social type of weekend player wants to serve better and deliver a perfect volley. It is human nature to iron out the defects in any sport or activity that you participate in. Reputable clubs as Tennis World Chatswood […]

What You Can Learn By Watching The Pro’s

As in any sport or walk in life, watching the professionals performing can only help an amateur perfect his playing. Most clubs such as Tennis World Chatswood have tennis pro’s that can help inspire learners and give top tips how to play the game. If you watch any top pro before a big match there […]

Nutrition In Tennis

Many tennis fans have seen the major tournaments on TV with players taking breaks during matches munching away on bananas and constantly sipping at isotonic drinks.Because of the length of time it can take to play a match then nutrition is an important part of the game. Having a healthy diet and eating well is […]

How To Choose The Correct Tennis Shoes

Your footwear whilst playing tennis is largely dependant on what kind of court surface you are regularly playing on. Also some clubs will dictate the type of tennis shoes they require you to wear so that you do not damage or mark the courts. Some of the better Australian Tennis Clubs such as Tennis World […]

Popularity of Tennis in Australia

Sports in general are loved in Australia, and tennis is no different than any other sport both in participation and as a spectator sport. It does really help the growth of tennis in Australia that the country hold one of the four most prestigious tournaments in the world. And of course the climate is most […]

The Competition Pathway For Tennis

Tennis in Australia is fiercely competitive from social tennis to competition level tennis right up to professional level. So how do the top Australian tennis players reach the apex of the game? Here we set out to see the progression of competition from the basic game to Grand Slam level and what the budding young […]

The Different Types Of Tennis Ball

Believe it or not there are different types of tennis ball that are used to play the sport around the world today. Most of the big differences are because the types of court a match is to be played on, and the type of bounce that is required. Also, a fairly recent addition to this […]

An Introduction To Tennis

Not everybody is a tennis expert or professional and knows everything about the sport. That is part of the beauty of the game, relative newcomers can embrace it and take it up at any age. If you are a beginner in the sport, this article will highlight some of the fundamentals in tennis and best […]