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chatswood community championships

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2023 Annual Community Championships.

Below is the list of winners and runners up for each category. We thank you for your support of our club tournament and hope to see you again next year.

Chatswood Tennis Club - Annual Community Championships

2023 Winners and Runners Up


Runners Up


Men’s Singles

Anthony Coleman

Jackson McGenniss

7-6  | 6-1

Women’s Singles

Hamaiya Hoam

Sarah Giannou

6-1 | 6-1

Open Doubles

Anthony Coleman & Jackson McGenniss

Nam Than & Chris Leong

6-2 | 7-5

Ladies Doubles

Doris Teoh & Hamaiya Ham

Sarah Giannou & Alison Broad

6-2 | 6-1

Mixed Doubles

Jackson McGenniss & Sarah Giannou

Anthony Coleman & Alison Broad

6-1 | 6-2

Chatswood Tennis Club

Sportsperson of the Year and Xmas Lunch Volunteers


Sportsperson of the Year

Alison Broad

Xmas Lunch Volunteers

Rainny Patterson, Thao Oakey, Hoa Bui, Diana Murray, Huyen Dao, Gordon Sue, Tania Kouzemtchenko, Trish Murray, Albert and Lai,