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As in any sport or walk in life, watching the professionals performing can only help an amateur perfect his playing.

Most clubs such as Tennis World Chatswood have tennis pro’s that can help inspire learners and give top tips how to play the game.

If you watch any top pro before a big match there are a plethora of habits and routines that any budding player could do well to follow.

Warm Up

Always warm-up properly, if you skip or shortchange the routine you risk injury and will probably start the match poorly. Novak Djokovic starts with 10-15 minutes of movement before every game.

He recommends to do 5 mins of light jogging or stationary cycling, then some dynamic stretching exercises.

Keep Moving

Watch the top players before they face an opponent’s shot, they all split-step to get their body in motion.

David Ferrer almost resembles a dynamic boxer poised to punch or evade a punch landing. Besides improving your footwork, court coverage, and shots, the split-step will enhance your fitness.

The Importance Of Defence

Andy Murray was quoted as saying the biggest difference in the top players was their defence. He continued to explain that most top players hit the ball well but the ability to defend and come up with excellent shots on the run and in difficult situation makes the difference.

Watch these defensive wizards in action and practise their playing techniques, this will help you to cut out your forced errors and get you back into the point.

Play Deep

The biggest difference between the top pro’s and the average guys, is the top players hit deep all the time. When shots are deep, you can force errors and weak returns, it also makes it much harder for the opponent to attack you.

Notice how Nadal’s performance often hinges on whether his heavy topspin forehand and slice backhand penetrate with depth or tentatively fall short.

Reverse Your Weakness Into Strength

Eliminate and improve any stroke weakness you may have. This will cut down on unforced errors, and will leave nothing for your opponents to attack.

Djokovic has hardly any weaknesses and that is his strength, his overall game is strong and he does not rely on one or two top shots.

When watching on TV then pay attention to analysts as they discuss tactics players use to exploit their foes weaknesses.

Keep Applying Pressure

Serena Williams and Rafa Nadal are experts at putting as much pressure as possible on their opponent.

This tactic robs time from your opponent and forces them to make shots sooner than they would like, resulting in unforced errors.

Serena starts her onslaught from the very first shot of every point, either her booming serve or her powerful return, and she seldom lets up for the whole match.

Without doubt you can learn a great deal by watching these top masters of their art, follow their game closely and watch for the different nuances each player brings to the court.