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Not everybody is a tennis expert or professional and knows everything about the sport. That is part of the beauty of the game, relative newcomers can embrace it and take it up at any age.
If you are a beginner in the sport, this article will highlight some of the fundamentals in tennis and best practises you should adhere to.

Preparing For Play

Before starting to play it is most important that you warm up by jogging lightly and moving about easily about the court. This increases the heart activity and warms and loosens the muscles.Then hit some gentle shots to continue the warm up before play.

Always wear the correct equipment especially footwear, select your tennis shoes with care. Make sure they give adequate support and have good grip.

Don’t eat a heavy meal before you play or lots of sugary snacks, keep hydrated before and during the game.

Finally cover your exposed skin with appropriate sunscreen, some matches are lengthy affairs and be sensible not to burn.

Court Etiquette

Always be courteous to those around you, talk quietly when standing near courts that are in use, and try to keep conversation during points to a minimum.

Do not walk across the back of another court until the players have finished playing their point, this can be disturbing to them and affect their play.

If people are using your court, don’t disturb them and wait a suitable amount of time until their time is up.

When you are ready to play, keep all personal items away from the playing surface and safely out of everybody’s way.

During the match keep a positive outlook and display proper sportsmanship, remember it is fun you are playing for.

Always try to keep the game moving, don’t stall and waste time between points, accept all calls made by your opponent without arguing or sulking. If you are unsure of a call, always give the benefit to your opponent. Do not use gamesmanship or try to distract your opponent on purpose.
If your ball goes onto another court, wait until the players on that court finish their point before you disturb them. If the reverse happens then return the ball as soon as play has stopped on both courts.

If there is a disagreement on the score, go back to the last score both parties agree on or spin a racket to decide which score to accept.

Finally, after the last point of the match, come to the net quickly and shake hands with your opponent no matter the outcome.

Starting A Match

Before you start play, introduce yourself to your opponent and wish them good luck during the match.

Limit the warm-up to around five minutes hitting the ball back and forth with your opponent, then take a few practise serves.

To see who serves first, spin your racket or toss a coin. If you win then there are three options,

If you follow the procedures outlined above then you can enjoy your tennis and have fun.

If you are keen to learn more about playing tennis and improve your overall game, then feel free to contact our friendly team.

We have some of the best tennis courts available in North Sydney and can help with private coaching lessons, if that is what you are looking for.