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Everybody looks to improve their game as they strive to become a better player. Even the most social type of weekend player wants to serve better and deliver a perfect volley.

It is human nature to iron out the defects in any sport or activity that you participate in. Reputable clubs as Tennis World Chatswood offer private coaching lessons to point you in the right direction.

But here are some top tips from Australia’s best coaches that could help improve your game.

Keep A Diary

After taking lessons from your tennis coach use your diary to record key points, as well as the priorities that you are working on in your game.

Before any coaching sessions, write down your aims you want to achieve, this will help you narrow your focus on the salient points.

Get Inspired

Create a training and practise regime that inspires you and that you want to partake in regularly. There are two vital ingredients to this, quality people and comfortable surroundings.

It’s where you practise that you should feel free to explore different side of your game and not feel afraid of trying something new and different.

Keep Hitting Balls

Walley Maseur recommends that you hit as many balls as you can in a short space of time as a great tennis exercise.

It does not matter if it is well out or miss-hit and going back into the fence on the full – chase it and get it back into the court and keep the rally going.

The skills and imagination that you use to improvise the relevant shots will put you in good stead for when you play better opponents.

Never hit winners when warming up, keep the ball in play and try to place it in interesting places, explore the whole court but keep your partner in play.

Concentrate On Improvements

Approach every lesson with the goal to improve rather than trying to win a game. So many people think they have failed if they lose a practise match rather than seeing the benefits it has given them in their overall game.

You must practise how you are going to play and win a match regardless of the results in training, they go for safe winners without developing harder shots.

Vary Your Practise Sessions

Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, work on both of them as equally as much. Good technical skills will create more tactical options, for instance if you volly well, mix in serve volley and finish off with attacking groundstrokes at the net.

Consistency, accuracy and power are what you are seeking to develop for ground shots, design drills to challenge yourself with this in mind.

Bite Size Pieces

Milo Bradley echoes the old saying “If you want to eat an elephant, then don’t eat all at once-otherwise you will get indigestion.”

The same applies to tennis practise, break it up into logical parts with simple objectives geared toward your technical, tactical, physical and mental development.