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Congratulations to all the badge teams who participated in the final of the 2023 Badge Competition. You all certainly did Chatswood Tennis Centre proud with 3 out of the 4 finalists winning the final.

Special mentions include:

* Ladies Chatswood 1 (Division 3) Runners Up

Elena Kohn (C), Loren Lee, Chrissy Imai, Amanda Mayes, Sue Hawkins and Michelle Cheung

* Ladies Chatswood 3 (Division 4) Champions

Janice Katelaris (C), Jane Kempton, Roslyn Rossettini, Susan McIntyre, Cathy Braun and Sandra Noriega

* Ladies Competition 5 (Division 5) Champions

Mei Miao (C), Yong Li, Rachel Huang, Claudia Wang, Xin Lui and Cindy Ren

* Men’s Chatswood 1 (Division 5) Champions

James Teoh (C), Anthony Coleman, Andrew Keech, Jackson McGenniss, Gavin Siou and Nam Than


We look forward to seeing you again in 2024 for another Badge season.

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