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A few years back the International Tennis Federation (I.T.F) launched a world study to see the best ways of fast tracking tennis development and learning. After a great deal of research the answer came back that a “Play Based Approach” would be the best way forward for young players to enjoy, learn and play the game.

Tennis Hot Shots

The Tennis Hot Shots program is Australia’s version of this Play Based Approach grassroots coaching and competition program which was launched at the Margaret Court Arena during 2008 Australian Open where a few fortunate academies were chosen to present an exhibition of the Hot Shots competition.

By 2012 there was an estimated 200,000 Australian kids enrolled as students in the Hot Shots program. And worldwide millions of other young students were using modified equipment scales to their age and needs to help them learn the game.

The scaled equipment is modified to address the physical attributes of the children and incorporates three different levels of low compression balls, namely red, orange and green. There are three types of courts (quarter, half and full size) the nets are lower and the rackets shorter, which all contribute to make the game easier for the kids and thus more fun.

The Current Situation

Tennis as a game and a sport is under constant pressure from the growing alternatives of sport and social pastimes. In Australia alone there is fierce competition from grassroots programs in sports such as AFL, soccer, netball, cricket, rugby union and rugby league.

Socially children have alternatives to participating in sport: online gaming, social media, TV, internet etc.which have all put playing outdoor sports under real pressure.

Hot Shots seeks to add serious competition and seeks to match and better the other sporting grassroots programs by offering full time, qualified Tennis Australia coaches as opposed to volunteers or well meaning parents.

The Hot Shots program has extremely low ratio’s compared to other programs and offer links with the local schools and clubs for membership and more advanced coaching.

The three levels of the Hot Shot Program are: Red Ball (3-8 years), Orange Ball (8-10 years), and Green Ball (10-12 years of age).

Hot Shots Aims

The aim of the program is to modify the game for primary school students right up to twelve year olds who are either participating in tennis coaching or related activities. The main objective is that the kids learn by playing the game, and have real fun in doing so.

This encourages children of all ages across Australia to take up tennis as opposed to other sports or pastimes.

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