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An important part of developing your tennis game for the young or older player is by taking appropriate lessons

Trying to find the correct coach that suits your game is often a difficult task. Whether you are looking to improve your social game or to take your tennis to a higher level it is important to find a coach that understands your needs and can tailor make a program to develop your specific needs.

Firstly it is a good idea to get evaluated and talk to a coach about your goals and what you want to achieve. No two players are the same and a good coach will provide a detailed plan to provide a structure that can develop your game.

A coach will take your age, ability, overall experience, strengths, weaknesses and will tie everything together to provide the perfect structure for your future coaching.

Tennis World Chatswood

Tennis World in Chatsworth has 12 courts available for hire in two locations on Fullers Road, they cater for everybody young and old.

Chatswood provides services and facilities to accommodate enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or a future professional Chatswood has tennis programs for everybody.

Kids Coaching

Hot Shots Tennis is a national Tennis Australia program that utilises modified courts and balls to allow kids of all ages to play the game. Kids are separated into relevant groups and receive the relevant coaching.

Private lessons are available for kids of any playing level. The lessons include an assessment of the children’s standards and ability and then a structured program is put in place for development.

Chatswood offers kids coaching in Japanese to serve the large asian community in Sydney.

Adults Coaching

Chatswood offer a variety of group lessons from beginner to advanced on multiple days of the week. Whether you want to play socially or want to improve your technique Chatswood has a coaching lesson for you.

One hour lessons cover all strokes, individual analysis, corrections, techniques, court craft and singles and doubles tactics.

Cardio Tennis is a high-energy workout based on tennis that improves fitness and also develops technique. Cardio Tennis is open to people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

Chatswood offer half hour and hour long lessons at any time between 7am to 8pm during the week and 7am to 6pm during the weekend. We also offer private lesson packages at a reduced rate of 5 for 10 for really keen learners.

Chatswood offers a free tennis assessment which involves a 15 minute interview with a coach to assess your ability and for you to have a look at the club and see if it is suited to you.

All these coaching options are open to you from Chatswood to help develop your fitness and playing technique.