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We all know the participation in any sport is good for your health but what are the specific reasons that tennis is particularly good. Highlighted are ten top reasons that have been identified that focuses solely on the racket game.

#1 Tennis helps you live longer

Many doctors and health scientists worldwide have accepted that tennis is one of the most healthy activities in which you can participate. It gives an overall physical, mental and emotional gains.

#2 Tennis brings happiness to your life

Tennis has the advantage of exercising your body and mind at the same time, unlike a run or a workout in the gym. The reason for this is because tennis players are more confident, less stressed and socially more interactive.

#3 Tennis brings a social aspect to your life

Tennis is one of the most social sports around, either off or on court. Many people make lifelong friends joining clubs and form bonds with their partners or opponents.Tennis encourages interaction and communication and is fun to play.

#4 The whole family can be involved

Tennis can be played by any age and by any sex. It also is a leveler for ability and is perfect for families to enjoy. Few serious competitive sports can offer this.

#5 Tennis teaches values for life

Young players develop a work ethic, learn sportsmanship of accepting defeat along with victory. They also manage how to deal with mistakes, how to compete and to cope with pressure.

#6 Tennis is such a versatile game

Tennis can be anything you want. It can be fiercely competitive or simply social. It can match one against one or foster camaraderie with doubles. You can involve family, friends or complete strangers.

#7 A fun sport

Tennis is downright fun to play at any age. Whether just learning as a novice or a playing as a pro, the game is full of enjoyment. Add to this the bonus of actually keeping fit as well.

#8 A thinking game

Tennis is a very tactical sport and requires alertness of thinking. Problem solving is also an integral part of the game and evidence suggests that it might generate new connections between the nerves.

#9 Tennis develops your body

Tennis is an impact sport and the constant movement is great for burning calories. It will also enhance muscle growth, bone strength and coordination. Therefore increasing your overall fitness.

#10 A lifetime game

There are very few sports or games that you can play during the development and aging of your life. From junior to senior you can enjoy and participate in one of the greatest sports ever.

There are many more benefits associated with the racket and ball game that include: cost, meeting new friends, the family bond, availability and simplicity. It is without doubt that playing tennis enhances your life in many different ways and brings great happiness to the participants.

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