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It is debatable at what age you should introduce children to tennis or tennis lessons. There are official programs such as Tennis Whizz Kids that are formulated for kids between 3 & 4 year olds. Your local tennis club will give you advice on what is the best time to start your child learning tennis.

The ANZ Hot Shots program is also based upon giving kids the best possible foundation in learning the game and developing other associated skills.

However, it is certainly important that as a parent you must understand that encouragement and help is clearly needed to keep your child interested.

Focus On Fun

Many kids give up pastimes and sport as they have become bored with them, and that is because they have stopped having fun.

The premise that the more fun kids have then the more they want to play is quite true. The more the play, the better they will get and the longer they will want to participate.

If it stops being fun then find out why, if a child gets turned off anything early in life the odds are they will not pursue it later in life.

Hot Shot Lessons

Hot Shot lessons are ideal for children to learn and enjoying tennis, and one of the reasons behind this is that learning together in a group and playing group type games is really good fun.

Group sessions provide a fun environment for learning skills, there is always plenty to do even if the coach is busy elsewhere. As soon as kids start standing around they will get bored, a good coach will keep their activity level up as high as 75% of any lesson, and that is not all about hitting the ball.

Parents Encouragement

As a parent it is vital that you show an interest in your child’s tennis development. Go to watch your kid at their coaching sessions, listen to the coach and see how he gets through to the youngsters.

Just your presence on the side of the court will help to encourage your child immensely, you don’t need to get in the coach’s way, just give support.

Always Stay Positive

If your child is happy then he will stay interested, as a parent understand that any little critical comment or a disparaging moan, will affect your child greatly. Learning tennis as in anything in life, you child looks up to their parents for guidance and encouragement.

Teammates, coaches and competitions all come and go, but a parent’s influence is ongoing.

ANZ Hot Shots program is specially designed for kids, it is the official program from Tennis Australia and the coaches are experts at age-level specific development.

The program integrates skills and learning in balance with a tremendous amount of fun, so the children enjoy the experience and want to come back for more.

If the idea of hot shots coaching at Tennis World Chatswood appeals to you then why not contact our friendly team today!