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Any sport whatsoever is going to be beneficial to your child’s health including tennis. The benefits of physical exercise is the first consideration and outdoor exercise is especially healthy.

But tennis does also add other benefits such as discipline, working as a pair, self determination and confidence.

A child learning tennis will soon pick up that the sport as equally about a mental state of mind as physical prowess. Therefore promoting strong psychological and physiological development.

Learning about Life

From a psychological standpoint, children who play tennis develop skills and strategies that will also serve them well in life off the court.

Tennis is mostly a singular game and because the children are out on their own and competing, children learn to accept responsibilities for their own actions. They have to learn to deal with adversity as well as success and to adapt to different situations and environments.

Tennis foster’s work ethic, discipline and sportsmanship in children and hones their strategic and problem finding skills.

Working Together

The game of tennis also fosters social skills and children learn about the importance of teamwork in doubles matches and also communication with opponents in singles.

Advantages for Children Playing Tennis

Physical advantages include:

Psychological advantages includes:

Tennis also teaches sportsmanship at an early age, it teaches children to cope and understand defeat but also how to conqueror defeat. It builds teamwork in the case of doubles tennis and how to communicate effectively with a partner.

But most of all it encourages fun whilst you are taking exercise, feeling the healthy glow of competitiveness of physical challenge. Many scientists around the world agree that tennis is the most healthy activity in which you can participate.

What parent would not want their children to have all these advantages whilst they play a sport.

One topic that has not arisen yet is that of cost. Once a racket and a decent pair of sports shoes has been purchased, tennis is a reasonably economical sport to participate in.

Yes there are fancy clubs with hefty membership fees, but by far the most popular way to play is by using municipal courts which are very cheap to hire especially if there is four people playing.

Tennis is a wonderful way of keeping your kids healthy and competitive, you will find buying a playstation and all the subsequent games will be far more hefty on the pocket without the benefits.

If you like the idea of your child learning tennis, Tennis World Chatswood is the ideal place. Our professional instructors can help with either group or individual coaching with children learning from as young as 3 years old.

Low pressure tennis balls and suitable court sizes are used as we help your child to develop their tennis skills. We can even provide childrens tennis lessons in Japanese language.

To find out more and to book your court, contact our friendly team today!