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Residents or workers of Castle Cove, Artarmon, Roseville Chase and Willoughby areas of Sydney, have the perfect local tennis club to take their kids to to learn tennis. Tennis World Chatswood offer the Tennis Hot Shots Program and many local kids and parents take advantage of the facility.

The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Program is the official Tennis Australia tennis training program for kids who want to learn tennis. The Program has three development stages: Red Stage – 5-7 years, Orange Stage – 7-10 years, and Green Stage 10-12 years.

Red Stage

The idea behind of this stage, is to enhance skills into a rally situation. At the centre of this is to practice both receiving and sending skills which can be difficult for young kids, this is done by creating challenges and activities which are fitting to both engage and encourage the kids.

Games like rolling the ball on the ground, sometimes with a racket and sometimes not, catching and throwing, with one player hitting the ball and the other catches and throws, all these activities are encompassed in the Red Stage.

This stage uses challenges and activities that are team based to avoid any individual pressures on young kids, it focuses more on enjoyment, discovery and self awareness.

Orange Stage

The Orange Stage main aim is to increase the depth and pace of the rallying that the students are comfortable with. Also learning how to target the serve and get the ball landing away from the opponent.

It is during this stage that students learn basic tactics, that starts with a general understanding of the court, moving on to the use of modified shapes, directions and how to move up to the net. An important feature of the Orange Stage is to serve and return, this will feature in every lesson of the stage.

Activities that will feature are both individual and team based, which allows players time to adjust to performing by themselves, and coping with the emotions needed for this.

Green Stage

The purpose of the Green Stage is to increase the awareness of the court, its zones and targets, and also to build attacking and defensive skills as appropriate. During this stage kids will learn greater tactical awareness, learn to use spin, how to change emphasis during the play, and how to read the opponent and gauge his game.

Activities that will develop these skills are both individual and team based, with the element of chance thrown in to replicate uncertainties of any match.

Tennis Australia have certified the Tennis World Hot Shots Program as a well thought out and constructed tennis education program, that now has been endorsed and embraced in the whole of Australia. It is a proven tennis education program that has been accepted worldwide.

If you are located in Lindfield, Willoughby, Roseville Chase, Castle Cove or Artarmon so you might want to go for Social Tennis? The perfect venue to practice your tennis game, Tennis World Chatswood have the finest facilities available to help you improve your game.