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Watching the masters perform an overhead smash is one of the greatest sights in tennis, it is one of the hardest shots to master but once you have then it is a devastating part of your attack. Done correctly it is neigh impossible to return.

To perform a smash timing is crucial and for a lot of players the temptation is to over-hit the ball. The feeling of finishing off a point with a powerful and spectacular shot is hard to resist. However, it can lead to very embarrassing mistakes.

Perception Is Key

For the perfect smash it is of utmost importance that the player reads the degree of difficulty of the lob that is presented. If the lob is deep, ensure that you are not moving in towards the net.

Get In Position

As in any shot in tennis, your position is very important before you try and execute a smash. The following tips will help your form your position:


At all times keep your eyes fixed on the ball, the racket head preparation should be done by reaching up to make contact in front of the body. If you play right handed then you should ideally meet the ball on the body.

Although you may be anxious to win the point perform the shot correctly, remember to get the racket through the hitting zone to effectively execute the shot.

What Not To Do

The three final points to remember are:

Without doubt a good smash is one of the most devastating shots in the business if correctly performed.

It is something that you should perfect with your coach on a one to one session. Although not a priority of your armament it does define the better players from the average.