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How To Become An Australian Tennis Official

Many tennis fans and players want to get more involved with the sport and perhaps put something back into a pass-time time that has given so much to them. One way of doing that is to become a tennis official and be a crucial part of the on-court action. There are many clubs in Australia […]

How To Become A Talent Development Coach

The popularity of playing tennis in Australia at every level has been increasing year on year and many programs such as the ANZ Hot Shots have been developed to assist new and younger players learn the game. Because of the popularity of the sport, recognised clubs such as Tennis World Chatswood offer many coaching sessions […]

Types Of Tennis Rackets

Choosing the correct tennis racket to suit and would be best for you depends on a few criteria; age, height, power and grip. The number of types of rackets that is available on the market is daunting, there are different technologies and materials such as nCode, Hot Melt, Liquidmetal and F.I.R.E to name a few. […]

How To Play Tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular games played in the world, one of the reasons behind this is the fact that more or less anybody can play the game. Any age, any sex and at any level, tennis can be played simply as a social activity or it can be played at an extremely […]

6 Essential Exercises For Tennis

Tennis is a complex sport and uses a lot of muscle groups that other sports do not particularly rely on. Therefore it is important to train properly to play the game and to follow the correct warm up and warm down procedures. Below are some top tips to help you prepare for your matches and […]