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Tennis is a combative game of wit and skill were trying to outfox your opponent is just as much as part of the game as stock shots and technique.


The best players set themselves apart by having a catalogue of disguised strokes to earn that crucial point and to take the game.

It is not just brute force and the fact that whoever hits and serves the hardest and fastest wins. Tennis is like a game of outdoor chess were often the more cunning opponent will take the day.


Top Spin

One power tennis singles tactic is to hit the ball with heavy topspin. A very popular stroke with the pro’s. Good players need to master this stroke because if the opponent has this weapon it will place you on the defensive.


One way to counteract this is by returning the ball with a gentle slice and a soft backspin into the net. Another way to counteract your opponent’s topspin tactic is take balls early in the baseline.


Drop Shot

A drop shot is a dangerous shot to play as if you execute it poorly you will surely lose the point. The first thing to consider is your opponent’s position and your own. Your ideal position should be short whilst your opponent should be deep, way behind the baseline.


Another situation is when your opponent is in the other corner side of the court and then you drop shot your ball on the other side.


This means that your opponent has a very long way to run to be able to return the ball. A very important thing to consider in this tactic is when you you do a drop shot, you should surprise your opponent.


Serving Ace

A perfect winning ace is a shot that when perfectly executed is almost impossible to return.  


To perfect a winning ace serve needs plenty of practise in technique and power. Position yourself for the serve as close to the centre line as possible so as to fox the opponent exactly where the ball will land. It will also open up more of the opponent’s court for you to aim at.


Forearm Smash

A very difficult shot to execute as it needs perfect hand to eye coordination. This can be difficult when you are racing around the court trying to return the ball. Unlike a serve when you are set before the shot, a forearm smash gives you less time to perform.


The object of the shot is to hit the ball when it is high in the air with tremendous power and force. Hitting the ball at such elevation will send it hurtling at such an angle into the opponent’s court then when it bounces it bounces flat and is very difficult to return.


Not all players can undertake the above shots, perhaps their bodies are not powerful, subtle or elastic enough to deliver them.


But do not worry, concentrate on what shots are easier for you to play and then perfect them over and over. Make your winning shot a thing of danger and impossible to return.


If you are keen to improve your repertoire of top strokes then why not consider private tennis coaching by the experts at Tennis World Chatswood.


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